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River Region Beautification Grant

Texas Hill Country River Region (THCRR) is proud to announce the 2022 Uvalde County River Region Beautification Grant to support cleanup, restoration, and educational projects that strive to improve the environment in the Hill Country.

The Uvalde County River Region Beautification Grant will provide selected affiliate communities with funding for trash cleanup, general clean up, restoration and eduational projects that impact and improve natural resources. In addition to financial support, THCRR will support affiliate communities by providing trash bags, grabbers, and yellow bags. Communities must have a plan in place to ensure their projects are safe and follow state and local COVID-19 guidelines. Applicants and participants/volunteers must be 14+ years of age.

For questions, please email

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Event Marketing Grant

The mission of the Texas Hill Country River Region is to promote Uvalde County as an overnight year-round tourism destination and to increase off-season occupancy in the regions’ accommodations. The organization is funded by a hotel occupancy tax through a contract with Uvalde County. Event funding requests will be reviewed by THCRR to ensure the event is in line with our mission and meets certain criteria as stated by the Tax Code. Under the Tax Code, every event, program, or facility funded with hotel occupancy tax revenues must be likely to do two things:
1) directly promote tourism; and
2) directly promote the convention and hotel industry.

The Texas Hill Country River Region grant program is designed to support events in Uvalde County with funding to augment the event’s marketing budget. The intent is to help events market outside our local area to draw in attendees from out of the area who will stay longer in our community.

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