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There is no denying the fact that you and your crew have been looking forward to a river trip for some time now, and you believe you may have prepared as best as possible for this experience. We trust that you have! As prepared as you are, there may be a few details that have been overlooked. That’s fine, that’s why we’re here….to help make your visit to Uvalde County, one that you won’t soon forget! These are just a few of our most commonly asked questions, let’s get started.

Campground Related Questions...

Is Alcohol Allowed?

Will I Have Cell Phone Service?

Is My Campground Under a Burn Ban?

Where do I put my trash?

Should I Pack Fireworks For My Celebration?

River Related Questions...

How Long Will My Float Take?

Can I Stop My Float At Any Time?

How Cold Is The River?

What Should I Do With All My Trash?

What Items Do You Recommend I Take To The River?

Is Alcohol Allowed On The River?

It's A Good Idea To Take My Cell Phone To The River, Right?

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