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It's Up 2 U...and Me

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Have you visited the Frio, Nueces, or Sabinal Rivers, and noticed people toting yellow mesh bags behind their tubes? Or, have you noticed a lack thereof? Either way, we would like to introduce you to the “ UP 2 U” Litter Bag. Texas Hill Country River Region, in sponsorship by the Small Hotel/Motel Occupancy Tax, make these bags available to both residents and visitors of Uvalde County.

These bags can be found at most outfitters and rental companies in and around the Uvalde County River Region, and at the Uvalde County Visitors Center in Concan. Simply ask anyone at your favorite tube rental supplier, or when you check into your overnight destination, and they’ll be happy to point you in the right direction.

The “Yellow Bags”, are 100% biodegradable and 100% free. We at Texas Hill Country River Region go to great lengths to ensure that these bags are easy to obtain. Now, lets answer “what do I do with these bags?”. On the Frio River, there are dumpster stations at all river crossings. On the Nueces and Sabinal Rivers, we are still working on providing dumpster options for our visitors, so these bags will go home with you, to be disposed of in your personal trash receptacle. They are small and compact, so they will fit nicely in your emptied cooler or tied down in the bed of your truck. (Please tie them down, as to avoid making more trash). For those of you dropping off along the Frio River…Kevin Carr with the Uvalde County Sheriff's Department, is collecting cans. He is recycling these cans, in an effort to raise funds to aid in the support of the Concan Volunteer Fire Department. So, separating your trash and cans, will make his day! One bag for trash, and one bag for cans, easy peasy lemon squeezy. Follow the signage along the dumpsters, where you’ll see the bright white bag specifically reserved for cans.

Please join us in our effort to Keep Texas Beautiful. If it doesn’t fit in a Yellow Bag, no worries, it’ll fit in our designated dumpsters. That includes broken canopy frames, busted (personal) tubes, lid-less ice chests, etc. If you are interested in raising money for a non-profit, while cleaning either of these 3 rivers, check-out our website for more details.

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