5 Fun Things for Teenagers to Do In the Frio River Region
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5 Fun Things for Teenagers to Do In the Frio River Region

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Come Summer, teenagers are always looking for something exciting and stimulating to do. Luckily, Uvalde County offers many different activities that are safe, fun, and affordable. These locations allow teenagers to interact with their friends, while making new friends and new memories. Here are a few of these fun activities, right here along the Frio River.

Garner State Park-Evening Dances
"An inexpensive form of entertainment, local dances became a popular pastime of the day. When the park opened, local bands performed in the beautiful native limestone and cypress dance pavilion. Later, a juke box replaced the bands, and the traditional dances continue to this day." The nightly dances at GSP are a favorite of visiting teenagers. They can dance, meet new people, and the best part is, mom and dad can come along to supervise. We promise, they'll have just as much fun as their teens.
The gates at Garner State Park are open at 6:00 PM, for those waiting to dance the night away. Follow the link for more information on the Dance Theme of the night.

The Frio Float
The Frio Float is one of the newest attractions brought to the Frio River. Visitors of any age are sure to enjoy the vast assortment of candies and sweet treats that the colorful store, has to offer. Take part in the "Best Flavor Combination" competition. Sure, locals swear by their favorite shake and float flavor combinations, but who knows, your unique blends just might become a "Frio Favorite". Okay, there really isn't a selected winner, but your flavorful combination just might make it on to their Facebook page.

The Golf Course of Texas at Concan and Utopia Golf Course
Of course(no pun intended), our main objective is to get people active and exploring all that our neighboring businesses have to offer. However, if you aren't an avid golfer, no worries! Visiting teenagers can rent golf carts at both The Golf Course of Texas at Concan and at the Utopia Golf Course. Take the cart path along the greens, and watch the wildlife scurry by. Take a selfie in front of the surrounding mountains, as the sun sets. Have a "reverse race" and see who can handle driving the slowest speed, for the longest distance.

Hippie Chic's River Shack
Try your hand at a game of corn-hole, or hang in a brightly colored hammock, while grooving to the eclectic music selection of our resident Hippies. Their outdoor eatery is designed to make their visitors feel like they're right in their own backyard. The food selection at Hippie Chic's is one for the books. Their menu items are named after iconic symbols in history that represent Peace, Love, and all things Hippie. Don't believe us? Visit them for yourself and try their "Mick Jagger" with a side of "Mexi-llent Dinner Tubes", and wash it down with a "Rev It Up" Root-beer Float. You won't be sorry!

Shopping, Shopping, Shopping!
Explore the local shops, run by locals, owned by locals, with fashion to take around the world. Frio's Dry Fifty prides themselves on their #wearintheworldwednesday campaign on Instagram. You'll purchase a "Frio Shirt", and tag a photo of yourself in it, in a different location. While on another vacation, back at school, while at the dentist, etc. Give them a follow, and see for yourself.
We also have Concan's Original Surf Shop-Frio Fergie's. Flip flops and swim-wear are their specialty. They are yards away from 7 Bluff river crossing, to give your new gear a try.

*GSP Info taken from Texas Parks and Wildlife Interpretation Guide.
Photo Credit: Frio's Dry Fifty, Hippie Chic's River Shack, Frio Fergie's & The Frio Float

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