Fun Kid Friendly Activities For Your Visit to the River Region
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Fun Kid Friendly Activities For Your Visit to the River Region

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3 Fun Kid Activities That You May Not Have Thought of For Your River Region Adventure This Summer!

Rock Painting- In most cases, we ask that while you’re visiting the Frio River, you take only pictures and leave only footsteps. But maybe it's okay to leave the occasional rock behind, painted with your favorite memory or scene from your vacation, so that someone else might find it and be inspired. It’s sort of like cave drawings, right? Maybe centuries from now people will be studying the painted rock you left behind.
Or maybe Mother Nature will be okay if you take one small river rock home, as a reminder to come back to the Frio River again, soon.
Kids will love finding the perfect rock to paint. Head over to Josh's to find the best river rock paints and supplies, and set out to find your rock canvas.

Birding- Birds are flying high, but when it comes to the Uvalde County Visitors Center, they are low flying and singing. Why, you ask? Wouldn't you be singing if you had an endless supply of birdseed, natural habitat, and water? We do our best to keep our feathered friend's, happy and healthy. We have seen beautiful birds take flight, right from our front porch. Come by the Visitors Center at 21170 Hwy 127, Concan, Texas, and ask for a Scavenger Hunt List. You can borrow a pair of binoculars, or bring your own. When you've attempted to locate the birds on our list, you can bring it back in for a cool prize. We promise parents, it's not candy. You can find that at The Frio Float.

Bug Hunting- Did you know that Scorpions glow in the dark? Don't believe us? Follow this link to see for yourself, we think you'll be just as amazed as we are! When planning your visit to the Frio River, be sure to add an LE Ultra Violet LED Flashlight/Blacklight to your list of items to bring with you. If scorpions don't excite you, maybe the different bugs that live under rocks down by the river will. They spend their days basking in the Texas sun, and live deep under the cool, wet rocks. Flip one over, and draw a picture of what you see.
Here are a few more details on how to have a successful bug hunt.

***While we encourage the exploration of the beautiful landscape in Uvalde County, we highly suggest that everyone practice finger/toe safety. Look twice before you reach and grab, step and stomp. Creepy Crawlers live in the most unique places. Of course, some insects can bite/sting and in rare instances cause serious allergic reactions. The list includes imported fire ants, bees and wasps, as well as a few types of spiders, scorpions, and other non-insect critters (snakes, etc.). Know how to recognize any potentially dangerous animals in your area, and use commonsense precautions to avoid them.***

Photo Credit: Josh's Frio River Outfitters
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