Utopia Park
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Utopia Park


During the 1920’s a local Utopia family deeded the Utopia Park and community square to the Utopia Park Board Association. The Utopia Park is operated and maintained by park manager Ashley Dickerson. The community of Utopia is the driving force behind Utopia Park existing. The funding for the park is driven strictly on donations and camping.

Rules & Regulations
1. No Glass containers – Deposits will be forfeited if there is any glass containers in rental area including in the garbage cans after allotted clean up time.
2. No Vandalism – Violators will be prosecuted.
3. No Dumping/Littering – Violators will be prosecuted.
4. All Pets Must be on a Leash – Violators must leave park.
5. Speed Limit – 15 MPH

The park is run by Ashley Dickerson, and is a wonderful place for picnicking, swimming, camping and having an excellent time.

Best of all, it’s somewhere you can relax. Remember, if you can’t get a cell phone signal, you’re doing it right.


Our yearly events are the Ranch Rodeo on the Sunday of memorial day weekend.
And the Utopia Rodeo is always scheduled the last weekend of June on Friday and Saturday, and includes dances after the rodeo events.
And of course don’t forget our totally awesome 4th of July Fireworks show, which is a free day in the park excluding camping and table reservations.

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