Two Fat Boys BBQ
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Two Fat Boys BBQ


Well for starters the restaurant is named after the likeness of the two owners, Bob (Shishka Bob) Foster and Ed (Chug) McCameron. It is not named after a model of motorcycle from a famous maker from Milwaukee.

Bob and Chug have been friends for some time after meeting in a small motorcycle shop in Harlingen, Texas. They discovered besides riding bikes, they both enjoyed a good meal. After many motorcycle trips through the hill country and southern Texas, the Fat Boys have sampled many different types of cuisine. From BBQ in Lockhart, to pepper cheese steak sandwiches in De Hannis, to boiled shrimp at Dirty Al’s on South Padre Island, the Fat Boys have always been on the look out for good places to eat. They kept returning to their favorite eateries because they all had several things in common. First the food was excellent. Second the portions sizes were good sized and filled them up. Third the wait staff was friendly and personable.

Fast forward some and life finds Chug living in Camp Wood, Texas along the Nueces River. In the heart of the beautiful Texas hill country. Great riding, beautiful vistas and friendly people. This was a little slice of heaven. Except for one factor, Chug couldn’t find a BBQ place that he liked. Chug decided he would have to make his own barbecue so he started cooking a lot at his camp ground (Rocky River Camp) for customers and friends. They all delighted in the flavor and taste of his BBQ. They kept telling him how good his food was and that he should open a BBQ house. But with running the camp, Chug didn’t see how he could start another business. One weekend Bob came up to the Canyon to ride the hills with his friend Chug. Bob said he was looking for new challenges, maybe to start a new business of some kind. Chug recounted all the good eats they had shared together through the years. All the best restaurants and best experiences they had. What made for a good restaurant and what made for good food.

They came back to the idea of excellent food, nice sized portions and personable staff. These are the foundation that Two Fat Boys BBQ is built on. The plans were put into place and Two Fat Boys BBQ opened labor day weekend, September 7th, 2009. Their quest for world domination of the BBQ market had begun.


Thursday – Monday 11:00 am – 9:00 pm

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