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There is no denying the fact that you and your crew have been looking forward to a river trip for some time now, and you believe you may have prepared as best as possible for this experience. We trust that you have! As prepared as you are, there may be a few details that have been overlooked. That’s fine, that’s why we’re here….to help make your visit to Uvalde County, one that you won’t soon forget! These are just a few of our most commonly asked questions, let’s get started.

Campground Related Questions...

Is Alcohol Allowed?

Alcohol is allowed on the river and on private property, but Concan & Utopia are in a dry precinct, so you will not be able to purchase alcohol there. If liquor or wine is your preference be sure to stop in either Hondo, Leakey or Uvalde, or Sabinal for beer, before heading in. We suggest taking a photo of the Liquor n' Guns sign at Bottle n' Bag Liquor Store in Uvalde! #liquornguns
Be sure to drink responsibly, and never drink and drive!

Will I Have Cell Phone Service?

Most networks will not work in the Concan area. AT&T is your best bet, and many cabins have WiFi, so be sure to ask. You can always stop by the Visitors Center for free WiFi. Even if we are not there, enjoy the fresh air at our patio table because WiFi works there too! Please remember, don't text and drive.

Is My Campground Under a Burn Ban?

Please check the Uvalde County Office of Emergency Management website (http://www.uvaldeoem.org/index.htm) for status on burn ban and weather. You can also call the Visitor’s Center for up to date information. 830-232-4310

Burn Bans must be obeyed or fines determined by Uvalde County will be assessed. Do not have an outdoor fire other than in the barbecue pit if it is very windy. No fires may be built along the river

Where do I put my trash?

Each lodge has a specified dumpster location. All guests are responsible for picking up their own trash and placing it in the dumpster provided. Be prepared with your own trash bags, as each rental may only provide enough to get your stay started.
Please do not leave any food items/garbage outside cabins or RVs as it will attract unwanted critters.

Should I Pack Fireworks For My Celebration?

Fireworks and discharging any type of firearms including BB guns, slingshots, water balloons, etc. is prohibited.

River Related Questions...

How Long Will My Float Take?

Seven Bluffs Crossing to Kenneth Arthur "Frio Country" Crossing: +/-3 hours (tube times vary with water level.)

Kenneth Arthur "Frio Country" to Neal's Crossing: on a tube +/-4 hours (tube times vary with water level)
Both tubing runs combined will take you ± 7 hours if levels are low. Observe your ending destination, looking for markers, signs or ques that it is time to exit. Ask your outfitter or people with the same final destination, what the expected float time is. Keep watch on the time, as missing your exit may result in a long walk back and an undesired end to your float. Trip times depend on water levels, activity of the floater and length of desired float.

Can I Stop My Float At Any Time?

You are more than welcome to stop your float at any time, however you must stay in the river until you reach your destination. The banks of the river are privately owned, on all sides. Getting out on private property is now allowed.

How Cold Is The River?

The average temperature is about 68 degrees, but it varies with the time of year. December temps dip towards 50 degrees, and can get up towards 80 at times. "Frio" means "cold" in Spanish so it will definitely keep you cool in the Summer heat.

What Should I Do With All My Trash?

There are dumpsters at the crossings to dispose of river trash, and you can find yellow river trash bags at all local outfitters, lodging offices and the visitor’s center. Please help us keep the rivers clean.

What Items Do You Recommend I Take To The River?

We highly recommend sunscreen, hats, sunglasses, a waterproof watch and shoes. Most flip flops will never been seen by you again, so wear a good sturdy tennis shoe, water shoe, or strapped sandals. Water and snacks are also encouraged.

Is Alcohol Allowed On The River?

Alcohol is allowed on the river. Glass containers are not. We ask that you remember that this is a family vacation destination, so inappropriate behavior and public intoxication is not allowed. All consumption of alcohol must be done by individuals over drinking age.

It's A Good Idea To Take My Cell Phone To The River, Right?

Electronic devices such as cell phones and digital cameras are NOT ADVISED.
Waterproof cameras are the best idea!
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